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New Council met on June 11, 2019

Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church Pastoral Council Meeting September 10, 2019
Minutes Approved
Present: Father Bill Walsh, osfs, Father John Hanley,osfs, Matt Brauer, Mary Campbell, Val Cummings, Kris Felthousen, Wendy Flores, Carol Gorman, Tim Gregory, Leo Holland, Thomas LePage, Pete Markland, Barbara Nickerson, Linda Palumbo, Jane Parker, Anne Petera, David Prentice, Mark Pressier, Miguel Angel Rodriguez , Marian Sciacchitano, Susan Silbernagel, Margaret Walsh
Absent: Jim Watters Recorder: Judy Gach Opening Prayer: Father Bill 5:17 p.m. Welcome Back: Father Bill again thanked both Pastoral Council members and staff members for their exceptional commitments to serve. He is excited about what will be accomplished. Election of Vice Chair: Leo Holland will serve as vice chair. Election of Secretary: Susan Silbernagel will serve as secretary. Discussion of Pastoral Plan: • Chairman Kris Felthousen lead a review of Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Parish’s Three Year Pastoral Plan beginning with the Parish Mission Statement and the Parish Vision Statement. After some discussion, it was decided that the middle paragraph of the Parish Vision Statement should read as follows: • Holy Redeemer by the Sea shall be committed to serve to the best of our abilities the needs of all in our community, in particular: the needy, the homebound, the elderly, the infirm, the marginalized, and the youth. We will continue to develop programs as needed to accomplish this vision. • The need for a new Pastoral Plan was identified as the current plan was dated 2015-2017. Since our bishop has changed, it is unknown what goals Bishop Zarama will establish. Therefore, the new Holy Redeemer by the Sea Pastoral Plan will continue to work with the same seven goals until a new diocesan plan is implemented.
• Next, Kris gave an overview of each of the seven goals of the current pastoral plan. Some discussion was held for each goal so new council members understood the focus of the goal, what had been accomplished, and what had not. 1. PROMOTE THE LIFE AND DIGNITY OF THE HUMAN PERSON • Concern was voiced about the liability of forming a church sponsored ride share program. 2. FOCUS ON FAITH FORMATION AND SACRAMENTAL PRACTICE • David provided a suggestion for an addition to this goal: “Educate the youth of our parish in the fundamental precepts of the Catholic faith, its traditions, sacraments, and history so as to instill in them a love for our Church and the ability to defend it in an evermore anti-Christian, secular society.” • Grace Ghirardi explained that Theology on Tap, or as we know it, Wine and Wisdom, originally aimed to reach young adults. While that demographic was not attained, those who participated in the gatherings found them very enlightening. • Catholics Come Home is a copyrighted program with a fee involved. • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is very successful. • Barbara Nickerson, our lending library organizer, stated that in addition to many books, movies and dvd are also available through the lending library. • Our Lady of the Seas is interested in combining with us for youth group activities. 3. PROMOTE CULTURAL DIVERSITY • More work needs to be done with this goal. • Wendy and Miguel are excellent leaders. It is difficult for the Latino youth to get to Holy Redeemer by the Sea for Faith Formation, Sacramental Preparation, and Youth Group. • It was suggested that our Latino leadership be interviewed to see how we can better integrate and include all in programs and activities. 4. PROMOTE VOCATIONS TO THE PRIESTHOOD AND CONSECRATED LIFE • Father John said that not only do the young men and women need to be exposed to vocations but that parents need programs also. Many times parents are opposed to their children making the commitment to a vocation. • It was suggested to incorporate special youth activities with our Advent and Lenten mission presenters. 5. IMPLEMENT THE PASTORAL INITIATIVE ON MARRIAGE AND SUPPORT OF FAMILY LIFE • Follow-up may be provided for newly married couples and parents of newly baptized babies to provide support if needed.
6. PRACTICE THE EFFECTIVE STEWARDSHIP OF RESOURCES • As many of these goals were discussed, all became aware that a census of our parish community is needed to implement the goals which have been set forth. • Email addresses could be used to send email blasts of parish news. These email addresses would not be for publication. 7. PLAN FOR THE EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF GROWTH • Pew cushions and the audio loop have already been installed to improve our worship environment. • There are currently no plans for physical expansion of our facilities. • Liz Brauer is doing a fantastic job of keeping up with Holy Redeemer by the Sea’s social media accounts. • A youth member for the Pastoral Council must be 18 years of age. Stewards Among Us: • Marian shared that the Stewardship Council’s program of “Stewards Among Us” has been operational for about a year. It features write ups in the bulletin of parishioners who quietly are doing great things to support the parish. Marian asked that if Council Members know of anyone whom they would like to nominate to please contact Nancy Barlow. • The annual Stewardship Report will be shared during the weekend of September 21 and 22. The “Little Red Book” with stewardship reflections from the gospel of Luke will be distributed that weekend also. • The Parish picnic is Sunday, September 22 at Holy Redeemer by the Sea. Open Floor for Questions: • Leo asked if there was any type of Parish Council Handbook. No handbook exists per se, but there is a description from the Diocese regarding the function of the Pastoral Council. This will be distributed to the Councilors, and along with our Constitution and By Laws, can give a good picture of how the Council should function and what is expected of it. • Barbara reminded all that there is a program called “Franciscan at Home” which is an online program for parishes that includes a wealth of information on many topics. It is free. • It was mentioned during the meeting that the Dean is coming to visit. The question was asked as to what he will do while he is here. The Dean will: • Look at the books • Look at the structure of what we do • Meet with the finance and pastoral council and the parish staff
Closing Remarks: • Father Bill charged the council members with praying about which goal of the pastoral plan is calling them to get involved. Each council member needs to let Val know of
their preference by October 10, 2019. He also challenged the council members to think of ways to get others in the parish involved.
Next meeting: • Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 5:15 p.m. Closing Prayer: Father Bill 6:45 p.m.



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