Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church

Pastoral Council Meeting May 9, 2017

Minutes Approved September 12, 2017

Present:  Father Bill Walsh, osfs, Val Cummings, Emily DiNoto, Barbara Getchell,

Grace Ghirardi, Tim Gregory, Patti Hess, Matt McKenna, Jon O’Neil, Jane Parker, Norm St. Laurent

Absent:   Father John Hanley, osfs, Kris Felthousen, Joan Fordham, Jim Groff, Don

Kelly, Ismael Ramos Lara, Adrienne Palma, Susan Pope, Miguel Rodrigues, Marian Sciacchitano

Recorder:  Judy Gach

Opening Prayer:  Father Bill 5:19 p.m.


The minutes of the March 7 meeting were approved per Father Bill.

Ministry Fair

  • Plans for the Ministry Fair, to be held at Holy Redeemer by the Sea after the 5 p.m. Mass on Saturday, May 20, and after the 9 a.m. Mass on Sunday, May 21, are being finalized. All Pastoral Plan Goals will be represented at the Ministry Fair.  Copies of the Pastoral Plan Goals will be at each table for distribution.  With permission, names and email addresses of each Pastoral Council Goal Liaison will be included on the plan so interested persons have contact information to answer questions or to volunteer.
  • Tables are being set up Friday afternoon, May 19, at 3 p.m. Pastoral Council Goal Liaisons or members of their teams are welcome to come and set up their displays Friday afternoon.

Vacation Week Raffle

  • Jon O’Neil distributed copies of the “Proposal and Program Rules for Holy Redeemer by the Sea Vacation Week Raffle” to all Pastoral Council meeting attendees. The proposal has been approved by the Finance Council.
  • Donations of specific off-season vacation weeks will be solicited. The vacation properties are not limited to beach properties.  Mountain vacation properties or any other desirable properties are welcome.
  • Winners will be drawn randomly and will be able to choose from the properties that are still available. Ticket sales could begin as soon as when school is out and will

continue all summer.  Different organizations, church and community non-profits, will have an opportunity to sell tickets.  These organizations get to keep 50% of the ticket money they collect.  Groups will be assigned different weekends to sell tickets after Masses.

  • The goal is to make this a yearly activity.

Acoustical Evaluation

  • Father Bill shared that the acoustical evaluation has been received. Jon suggested that we need more information before a plan can be formulated to address the acoustics issue in the Holy Redeemer by the Sea sanctuary.

Staff Reports Tim

  • Holy Trinity by the Sea Catholic Church is getting a new HVAC unit.
  • The freezer compressor in the kitchen of Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church is being replaced.


  • Mark Forrest, an international Irish tenor, will be in concert at Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church Monday, July 24, 2017, at 7 p.m. Tickets will go on sale soon, costing $12.00 in advance and $15.00 the day of the concert.  He will also conduct a Holy Hour which will include a guided meditation.  This event will be free. One thousand tickets will be printed.  The church receives a percentage of CD sales.
  • Only three weddings have been confirmed for this summer with a fourth pending.

Many baptisms and vow renewals are scheduled, most involving our summer visitors.


  • The Liturgical Council will meet Wednesday, May 10, to review Holy Week activities and liturgies.


  • Thirteen of our students received the Sacrament of Confirmation here at Holy

Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church and one of our students received the

Sacrament of Confirmation in Charlotte.  The students who received the Sacrament of Confirmation at Holy Redeemer by the Sea appreciated the fact that Father Bill administered the Sacrament.

  • Twenty-four students, mostly second graders with some from other grades, will receive First Holy Communion on Saturday, May 13, 2017.


  • The summer Eucharistic Minister schedule is being completed.
  • Faith Formation scheduling and the calendar is in the works also.


  • The theme for this year’s mission trip is, “Be Not Afraid.” Several students are showing interest in participating.  An email is going out to parents with more information.
  • Vacation Bible School will be in August. Emily is working with Val’s daughter to obtain materials.
  • Wine and Wisdom was a success! The participants were mainly older adults.

Comments from the Floor Norm

  • Norm has met with Mary Campbell from Creative Choices Pregnancy Resource

Center and they are working together to fulfill the Knights’ directive addressing the Culture of Life.  He has gotten some literature on this topic for the Ministry Fair along with some Family Life Ministry booklets.  There was no response from other Knights when Norm asked for help for the Ministry Fair.

  • A “Right to Life Day” in the OBX, that would be coordinated with the National March for Life, may be a good way to increase awareness of the Dignity of Life issues. Norm thought that involving our youth and Faith Formation students would increase their awareness.  Grace asked for advanced notice if these groups are to be included in this activity.

Father Bill’s comments:

  • The high point of the Church’s Liturgical Year is the Easter Season. The success of the Triduum was evident in the excellent comments Father Bill received from both visitors and parishioners.  While the attendance may have been a little less than previous years, participants were moved by the experiences they had during these liturgies.
  • Our visitors are pleased with the welcome they receive as well as the devotion we exhibit.
  • As a priest, Father Bill is really pleased with the way we portray the Risen Christ. We are sharing in the work of the Apostles and he is proud of it!
  • We are asked to continue our prayers for Father Nick Waseline, osfs. While there is no sign of the pancreatic cancer, he now has liver cancer.

Next meeting:

  • Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 5:15 p.m.

Closing Prayer:  Father Bill  6:07 p.m.


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Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church Pastoral Council Meeting

March 7, 2017

Minutes (Approved May 9, 2017)

Present: Father Bill Walsh, osfs, Father John Hanley, osfs, Miguel Rodrigues, Val Cummings, Emily DiNoto, Joan Fordham, Barbara Getchell, Tim Gregory, Patti Hess, Don Kelly, Matt McKenna, Jon O’Neil, Adrienne Palma, Jane Parker, Susan Pope, Marian Sciacchitano

Absent:  Kris Felthousen, Grace Ghirardi, Jim Groff, Ismael Ramos Lara, Norm St. Laurent

Recorder: Judy Gach

Opening Prayer: Father Bill 5:15 p.m.


Adrienne Palma moved the minutes from the January 10, 2017, Pastoral Council Meeting be approved. Jon O’Neil seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

Pastoral Plan Updates Goals 4-7

Goal 4: Promote Vocations to the Priesthood and Consecrated Life

  • Father John is Pastoral Council Liaison for this Three other people are also working with him. They are meeting March 13, 2017.

Goal 5: Implement the Pastoral Initiative on Marriage and Support of Family Life

  • Matt McKenna is Pastoral Council Liaison for this He had no new news to share but does have names of interested people to serve with him.

Goal 6: Practice the Effective Stewardship of Resources

  • Jon O’Neil is Pastoral Council Liaison for this team and is in the process of organizing the

Goal 7: Plan for the Effective Management of Growth

  • Jim Groff is Pastoral Council Liaison for this

Other Pastoral Plan Goal Updates

Focus on Faith Formation and Sacramental Practice

  • Grace Ghirardi is the Pastoral Council Liaison for this Emily DiNoto reported that the last Wine and Wisdom was very successful with 17 attendees. The next Wine

and Wisdom will be held March 20, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. at Kelly’s Restaurant in Nags Head. Prayer will be the discussion topic.

Acoustical Evaluation

  • An evaluation of the acoustics at Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church is currently taking place to determine what can be done to improve the clarity of the sound. Necessary changes will be considered after the evaluation and recommendations are

Ministry Fair and Pastoral Plan Recruiting

  • Marian Sciacchitanno shared plans for the Ministry Fair which will also include opportunities for recruiting parishioners to help with Pastoral Plan The fair will be held Saturday, May 20 after the 5 p.m. Mass and Sunday, May 21 after the 9 a.m. Mass at Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church. Emails will be sent to Pastoral Council Goal Liaisons informing them of this opportunity.

LAMB Funds

  • Jon O’Neil shared that the Knights of Columbus have supported Dare and Currituck County Schools to the tune of $400,000 over the years as well as supporting Special Olympics. This was done by selling Tootsie Rolls outside local grocery stores and businesses. The challenge is that now the stores are limiting access and the opportunities to do these sales have
  • The Knights of Columbus are considering other ideas for parish fundraisers such as a vacation week raffle for an off-season week at the This fundraiser could be a joint effort between the parish and the Knights of Columbus with tickets being sold after Masses during the summer.
  • Another consideration is a car raffle, possibly within the

Plant Updates: Security Cameras and Outside Lighting

  • Tim Gregory shared that 8 security cameras have been installed in and around the These cameras can record for 30 days and remote computer access is available to view camera footage and live feed. Security cameras will also be installed at Holy Trinity by the Sea Catholic Chapel eventually.
  • New poles and LED lighting are being installed in the parking lot at Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic

Comments from the floor:

  • The Mission Trip to DeSales Service Works in Camden, NJ, for high school students is planned for July 10-14, The cost is $50.00 for the week. In order to increase participation, other students from the deanery will be invited.
  • There were 31 students at the Deanery Confirmation Retreat with 10 being from Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic
  • Reverend Robert Ippolito of the Catholic Charities Immigration Services in Raleigh will be on the Outer Banks March 21 and 22 for free
  • Miguel Rodrigues shared that the Latino community is having meetings every Wednesday evening at Holy Trinity by the Sea He makes sure that everything is clean when they are finished.

Father Bill’s comments:

  • Father Bill commended Miguel for all of his efforts with the Hispanic community at Holy Trinity by the Sea Catholic Chapel and at Our Lady of the Seas in Attendance is growing! Gifted musicians add to the Mass.
  • Father Bill continues to be grateful for his exceptional staff and for the ownership parishioners are taking to make our parish a special Visitors continue to be impressed with our parish community. The Provincial sees how gifted we are with staff, commissions, and all that we do.
  • The Lenten Mission begins next week with Father Sandy Pocetto, Topics include “Exploring Self-Acceptance, Not Self-Esteem, as a Basic Principle of Salesian Spirituality,” “Getting Love Right,” and a Penance Service. The gatherings are Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, March 12-14, at 7 p.m. at Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church.
  • The Red Cross Blood Drive had their best participation ever on February 22, 2017, with 128 units

Next meeting:

  • Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 5:15 p.m.

Closing Prayer: Father Bill 6:12 p.m.

Staff Reports:


  • The BAA letters are coming soon. Susan Pope, Pam Buscemi, and Val will be speaking at the Masses to kick off the campaign. A BAA speaker will come to share the Diocese’s efforts to promote Life and Human Dignity. A big push for BAA contributions will be made from January 24-March 13. Parishioners will be encouraged to go online and use their credit cards to contribute.
  • The pictorial directory inserts are coming.
  • Sunday, January 24 at 2 p.m. will be a 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Ordination of Father John Dorgan. This is also the Feast Day of St. Francis De Sales.


  • A Good Shepherd reflection for adults will be held January 31, 2016, from 2-4 p.m. Several of the actual activities used with the children will be incorporated into this presentation. Thirty different churches have been invited to participate.
  • Another training for the Good Shepherd Catechesis will hopefully be held this spring.


  • Four new handicapped parking spaces have been designated in the back parking lot.


  • A program to welcome inactive Catholics back into the church is needed to continue our evangelization ministry. There are many already available to use.


  • Confirmation packets are being assembled.
  • Plans are in the works for First Communion.
  • The February ministry schedule is being completed.


  • A Junior High event is scheduled for January 24.
  • The Youth Group is taking a break until January 24.


  • Liturgies are going well. Many positive comments were received regarding the changes in Mass schedules during Christmas.
  • Planning continues for Lent and Easter.


  • Lunch space is needed for the retreat on January 30. Coordination is being done with the Comfort Inn for the February retreat.
  • More Latino celebrations and fiestas need to be held at Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church.

Remarks from the floor:

  • Norm said that the Knights need help from the Latino community to aide Latino children during the Special Olympics on April 30.
  • Jim Groff had an update from the Holy Trinity building council meeting. In addition to creating a peak in the roof line, the upper floor plan includes a vision of converting this space into meeting and living areas. Another fire exit is needed. The building inspector will be involved from the beginning to expedite the construction. The upper area which is now storage will be cleaned out. The new roof is the priority.
  • Jim also suggested that lectors need training to project their voices when using the microphone at Mass.

Father Bill’s comments:

    • Fr. Al has been to UNC for two cancer treatments and is now home. He needs our prayers.
    • Father Bill thanks all for their hard work.

Next meeting:

    • Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 5:15 p.m.
      Closing Prayer:
    • Father Bill 6:30 p.m.