We are ready to resume indoor worship- Alleluia!

Proclaim the Good News

As of July 11, we are pleased to welcome you back into the Church and Chapel buildings to celebrate Mass together.  Our weekend Liturgies will follow the offseason schedule- which is :

Saturday 5PM, Holy Redeemer, 7:30 PM Holy Trinity (BiLingual)

Sunday 9AM, Holy Redeemer, 11 AM Holy Trinity. 


HERE IS THE LINK:      OCT 4 2020 

                     The following precautions will be in place:

  • Attendance limited to 225 inside Holy Redeemer and 60 inside Holy Trinity. Admittance will be on a first come, first served basis. The audio Mass will continue to be broadcast outside of the building for those who do not wish to enter or do not have a mask. We will continue to livestream the 9AM Mass as long as we have the resources to do so. The link to the livestream will be posted here.
  • Entry will be through one attended front door only; exit will be through the rear doors.
  • ALL inside attendees MUST wear a face covering. This is for the protection of the entire worshiping community in the event that someone present tests positive at a later date.
  • Seating will be permitted in EVERY OTHER ROW. Please use the rows marked with green tape for seating (green means go). Within each row, parties are asked to social distance at least 6 feet apart.
  • In order to minimize the time we are seated indoors, Mass will be celebrated in an abbreviated form, with limited singing. There will be no hymnals or prayer cards available. Here is a link to a website with the Order of the Mass, should you wish to access it on your phone or print it in whole or in part for your personal use.


Please take any printed materials you bring away with you.

  • There will be no Collection or Offertory Procession. If you wish to make a donation, please place your offertory in the designated receptacles.
  • Communion will be distributed as bread only after the final blessing both inside and outside of the building. After receiving Communion (in your hand only, please) depart the building through the designated doors.
  • The restrooms will be available, with sufficient supplies for hand washing.
  • The building will be sanitized using an approved disinfectant, and the restrooms cleaned and sanitized after each Mass. You are encouraged to bring your own hand sanitizer for personal use as needed.
  • All Weekday Masses will take place at Holy Redeemer by the Sea in Kitty Hawk at 9 AM Monday- Friday.  Since our Bishop has dispensed us from the obligation to attend weekend Mass, some may find attendance at weekday Mass more feasible.

However, keep this in mind: As stated by Bishop Zarama, Diocese of Raleigh, all of the faithful continue to be dispensed from their Sunday obligation. While this dispensation is applicable to all, the elderly, those sick, those with pre-existing health conditions or other vulnerable people should especially continue to stay at home.

Please direct all questions to Val Cummings at hlyrdmrwed@aol.com


Off Season Mass

Our Locations

Holy Redeemer by the Sea

Location: 301 West Kitty Hawk Road
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
(252) 261-4700

Holy Trinity by the Sea Chapel

Location: 7335 Virginia Dare Trail
Nags Head, NC 27959
(252) 261-4700

Father Bill, Holy Redeemer Catholic Parish

A Message from Father Bill

Weather Alerts

Dare County Weather Policy’s

The Church will be closed and all activities canceled if a LOCAL State of Emergency is declared by Dare County or the Town of Kitty Hawk that includes mandatory evacuations or restrictions or prohibitions on travel in Kitty Hawk. Never put yourself at risk of accident or physical harm to come to Church in dangerous conditions, even if a delay or emergency has not been announced. We have been assured by the Diocese of Raleigh that the Catholic faithful are not obligated to attend Mass when prevented by unsafe travel conditions.

Since our new inclement weather policy governing closures and cancellations will now be tied to County and Municipality States of Emergency, we urge all parishioners to sign up for County Alerts.


Faith Formation classes have been suspended until further notice.  We will update our schedule and relay any information we obtain regarding First Penance, First Communion and Confirmation as soon as possible once the COVID 19 Virus emergency has ended.  3.22.2020

Children’s Liturgy of the Word Program

Our Children’s Liturgy of the Word Program meets on most Sundays throughout the school year at Holy Redeemer by the Sea. We do not yet have a date for beginning this ministry this Fall due to the restrictions in place for COVID 19.


Nuestros Ministerios en el este DE NC


A College of the Albemarle video production on Glen Eure’s treasured gift to the Church of Holy Redeemer by the Sea – his hand carved Stations of the Cross.  Includes interviews with his beloved wife, Pat, and our Pastor, the Reverend Dr. William F. Walsh, osfs.



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